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Room Church is a multicultural, multigenerational church, commissioned to reach and save the unchurched and their families while equipping them to become ambassadors for the Kingdom of Christ. 


Victor Hudson, affectionately known as "Pastor Vic", is the Co-founder and Co-Pastor of the Room Church in New Jersey, a ministry dedicated to impacting the world for Christ, one person, one family, and one city at a time. He grew up in the Los Angeles area and spent nine years in the United States Marine Corps before attending graduate school and working for the Neuroscience Division of Pfizer, Inc. In addition to pastoring, he is a Squadron Chaplain for the New Jersey Army National Guard and has worked in hospice care providing spiritual support for patients and their families throughout central New Jersey.


Pastor Victor Hudson, Jr., M.Div

Through God's grace, Pastor Vic has more than 16 years of teaching, mentoring, and counseling God's people. He is a prayer warrior, with a heart for Christ, and the Word of God. For years, his wife and children have supported his call to ministry and have been diligent workers in the church. He is the author of several books, Conquering Real-Life Giants, A Wife to Behold, Check the Air in Your Balloon, and Father's Come Forth. He holds a gerontology degree from the University of Southern California, an MBA in Finance from Regent University's School of Business and Leadership, and degrees in religion and divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Liberty's School of Divinity. 

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