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Dominican Republic



The Dominican Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world, with high crime and political corruption. As a result, many Dominican children unable to receive an education. In 2012, while on a mission's trip in the Dominican Republic, Elder Hudson fell in love with its people, their plight, and their future, and upon returning back to the United States, he began an active campaign to fund impoverished schools in the Dominican Republic.


In partnership with the Santiago Christian School Foundation (SCS), the Room Church provided tuition monthly for students attending the La Yaquita Christian School. The Room Church Missions worked closely with Pastor Ramon, who oversees the La Yaquita school, and Dr. Wayne Lynch, Ed.D, who is an American-born educator and fundraiser for the SCS foundation and its partner schools. Donations ensured that each partner school in the Dominican Republic received a U.S. equivalent education.

L-R, Pastor Fabian, Mom Greenaway, Rev. Jason, Dr. Wayne Lynch, Pastor Vic and Pop Greenaway, in the Dominican Republic
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Your one-time gift or your monthly donation helps to ensure each student has proper classroom material, a snack, one meal, and children's vitamins.

Shaping the Lives of those who will 

Shape the Nation

La Yaquita School in the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic neighborhood near one our of partner schools.

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