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College Group

Ages 18-25

Shutdown until further notice

  • Being a Christian in an anti-Christian culture

  • Resisting Temptation

    • Sex​

    • Partying

    • Drugs

  • Dealing with college pressures

    • Grades​

    • Coursework 

    • Financial Aid

  • Staying pure in an amoral society

  • Evangelizing to friends

  • Joining Fraternities

Life Center

Various Ages


Shutdown until further notice

  • Computer Skills

  • Resume Writing

  • Interview Techniques

  • Life Coaching

    • Setting Goals

    • Eating Healthy​

    • Exercising

  • Cooking Classes

    • Preparing Healthy Meals

  • Career Coaching

  • Parenting Skills

  • Personal Finance

    • Budgeting​

    • Saving

    • Investing

*Coming Soon

Youth Group

Ages 13-17

Shutdown until further notice

  • How to walk with Jesus in a culture that minimizes Christianity 

  • How to share your faith effectively

  • Dealing with cultural peer pressures

    • Social drinking​

    • Gossiping

    • Drugs

    • Teenage sex

    • Money

  • How to engage social media sites

  • Finding identity in Jesus

  • Growing with other Christian youth

*See Youth Pastors

for dates

Children's Group

Ages toddlers to 11

Shutdown until further notice

  • Teaching children about Jesus

  • Teaching children how to obey their parents

  • Basic Bible stories





Adults Singles Group

Ages 30+


Shutdown until further notice


  • Learning accountability in the small group setting

  • Dealing with loneliness

  • Honoring God as a single man or woman 

  • Biblical education on how to resist temptations

  • Learning to wait for God

  • Healing from past wounds

  • Praying for one another

  • Equipping & Edifying other singles in Christ

Young Adults Group

Ages 26-34

Shutdown until further notice

  • Engaging a dying culture with the Gospel of Jesus

  • Sharing their Christian faith with other young adults

  • Growing stronger spiritually in Jesus

  • Identifying life with Jesus

  • Honoring God in the workplace

  • Honoring God as a young adult

  • Preparing for marriage

  • Resisting cultural temptations

  • Staying emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually fit

  • Praying one for another

  • Encouraging one another

Marriage Group

Ages 18+ 

Shutdown until further notice

  • Building a marriage on Christian values

  • Identifying problems

  • Finding Common Ground

  • Raising Children

  • Dealing with in-laws

  • Blended family

  • Preventing infidelity

  • Forgiving each other

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Making time for each other

  • Communicating in marriage

  • How to grow spiritually together 

  • Fixing the money​ problems


Sunday Worship
 9 am

Bible Study
Thursday - 6:30 pm

Groups & *Life Center

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