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Hi, I am Sherine.... Praise & Worship Leader

How long have you been a member?

"I've been a member since 2010. I was invited to the Room Church by my employer at the time."

Where are you from?

"I'm originally from New York but moved to England when I was a toddler. Returned to the States after a few years where I lived in Philadelphia until '97. That year my brother and I went went to Jamaica and lived there for 2 years. We came back and have been in Philadelphia ever since."

Most memorable moment at the Room Church

"My most memorable moment was on my first visit. I was in transition after leaving my "home" church and looking for a new church home. When I stepped into the gymnasium [where the church held service], immediately I knew I was home."

What series or message has impacted your life?

Last year's Prayer Series.

Why would you recommend the Room Church for to those seeking a church?

"Our diversity also allows people of all multicultural backgrounds to feel at ease. Leadership is strong and honest. Each sermon is answered prayer from the Lord."

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