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Hi, I am Curtis

I began attending Room Church (RC) in Fall 2013. I was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania but I call Woodbury, New Jersey my home.

Curtis was featured on CNN's Turning Point in 2017 and featured on MTV's My Life that same year.

What is your most memorable moment?

"I invited two friends to our Good Friday service back in 2013. I remember the altar being full of people accepting Christ, one being my friend."

How have you grown at RC?

I've become more disciplined in studying the Bible and in my prayer life. I'm not as angry.

How has the ministry prepared you for marriage?

I understand that a man should be completely prepared spiritually, financially, physically and mentally before finding a wife. I'm laying a foundation not only for my wife but my children and future generations.

Why would you recommend the Room Church to someone seeking a church?

Intellectually stimulating and practical. RC has changed my life and my brother’s life impacts generations.

Favorite verses

John 21:15-17


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